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Established in 1993, Taiping Micro&Special Motor Co.,Ltd.is a motor producer that integrates the manufacturing. R&D and marketing and sales. With its creative strength in the R&D and production, it has become a renowned company in China's micro & special motor industry. The company is qualified for import and export and is certified with international certifications such as CCC,ISO9001 and CE,etc.

The highlight on technology innovation assists Taiping Micro&Special Motor in building up a strong R&D team.Moreover,the cooperation with Shanghai21 Research Institute ensures it a technical leading in China.

With its modem office buildings and workshops,strong technology,complete sets of advanced production facilities and testing equipments, Taiping Micro & Special Motor continues to develop various types of motors to cope up with changes of the request and demand in international marketplace.
Taiping Micro&Special Motor is capable of producing over six hundred different products in eight major categories such as AC servo motor, DC brushes motor,three-phase frequency conversion motor and electronic drive and controls,etc. Its marketing network not only cover China's huge domestic market,but also overseas markets such as Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Italy and the United States etc.

In addition the company is proud of being the global supplier for Spanish Formator.

With its comprehensive service. Taiping Micro & Special Motor offers efficient and professional service to its customers.

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